What should we wear to the Ceremony?

Don't hate us, but our plan is to do the ceremony outside. In February? Yes- but it'll be quick! Have warm boots and a jacket and we'll have you back inside before you know it. We'll have hand warmers, and blankets available and fires near the ceremony site. Other than that- dress wedding-y.

What's the bar situation?

We're glad you're asking the important questions. We'll be doing a mix of open and cash bar. BRING CASH- the internet service at the venue isn't reliable enough for a card reader to function all the time and there's no ATM on site.

Are kids welcome?

You know what, you deserve a night off! No kids please. We love and adore all of your children and hope you understand!

What are the cabins like?

Cabins contain 4 bedrooms each with 4 beds in each room (two lower and two upper bunks). Each cabin has heat, electricity (lighting and outlets) as well as bathrooms and showers. We pair you with others we know you are familiar with. Feel free to reach out to us about specifics if you're curious.

Are linens provided in the cabins?

Yes- linens are provided!