Hulbert Outdoor Center, Fairlee, VT

The biggest reason we chose the Hulbert Outdoor Center as our venue is because of the winterized cabins that our guests can stay in. We want to maximize the time that everyone gets to spend together. It's more convenient, cheaper and more fun than a hotel- and we want you to be part of it all! Great friends and memories are sure to be made- and we'll do our best to bunk you with familiar faces. Each group or couple will have their own private bedroom and cabins have two bathrooms each. We want both our local and our out of town guests to stay, relax and have fun for the weekend!

Accommodations are available for Friday & Saturday nights (and include breakfast and lunch Saturday and breakfast Sunday) or just Saturday night (which includes breakfast Sunday).

The outdoor center has a ton to offer right there- so come Friday night and spend Saturday snowshoeing, ice skating, playing ice hockey, sledding or relaxing by the fire!

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